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Public Service Mutuals

Public Service Mutuals

This tab area is being developed to assist new and potential Public Service Mutuals (UK) that are developed as a result of the UK Cabinet Office "Mutuals Support Programme".

This area is 'open' for users to post news, information or requests and to share relevant information.

Public Service Mutuals can also have 'group status' on this platform.

These enables them to have their own areas which can be 'open' to the public, 'closed' for their stakeholders only, or a mixture of page types. They can have pages which allow comments and/or pages which are read only.

See also the tab area for "Mutuals Support Programme (UK)" which is open to the public but is 'read only' and contains links to useful documents and sources of information including the UK Cabinet Office site.

Employees must be at the heart of the decision to outsource public services to a mutual, rather than being ‘forced through’ against their will, warn Co-operatives UK and the TUC.

The two umbrella groups representing co-operatives and unions have highlighted a lack of accountability and stakeholder engagement in some of the 70 public service mutuals that have been created.

Government plans to decentralise services have so far put more than £1 billion of public expenditure in the hands of former employees.

The TUC and Co-operatives UK are concerned that not enough public-sector mutuals offer employees a genuine voice in the formation or the running of the new business.....Co-operative News, the Global News Hub.


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