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In today's world of technology, many advancements have also been made in Medical field. Technology is playing it most useful part in making the healthcare services available at an arm’s length. Nowadays, people rely more and more on technology to make their lives easy in many ways and everything is available with only a click button at our mobiles. Like many other apps available at iPhone/app stores, there are apps available for addiction treatment too.

There are many apps including Sober Grid, Squirrel Recovery available at app stores, which helps patients find an immediate support if they are far away from drug rehab centers, tracks alcohol consumption, and provides motivational messages to users. Such apps helps addict to create their own support programs to help them against their addiction and help them in recovery. Similarly technology is also assisting doctors and hospitals in recovery treatments. For instance, neurofeedback therapy is another advancements in Medical Technology which helps doctors connect to addict brain. Scientists are working to develop other potential therapies that one day may be proved beneficial in Medical field.  

These modern technology advancements provide the most cost effective solutions with the easy accessibility of services with just a push button and thus are highly recommended nowadays.

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Hi, I am Maria Makrich. I am a Research Analyst at Medical & Healthcare services Center. I have written many articles explaining modern techniques of treatment in medical field.

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