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Is Gaming Addiction Real?

In a recent study, it shows that an internet gaming addiction is not a dangerous psychiatric condition. According to a New Scientist article, researchers at Cardiff University think that an individual who is playing online games has capabilities to compensate for other problems in their life.

“We didn’t see a large number of people with clinical problems,” observed Netta Weinstein, Cardiff’s lead on the research project. “The study’s results suggest that it’s not clear how many resources should go to gaming addiction, compared to other addictions like drugs.”

An American Psychiatric Association claims that gaming addiction is not an official disorder as it didn’t meet the criteria of psychiatry disorders symptoms and signs. A group of 2,316 people more than 18 age were participated in answered a questionnaire about their lifestyle, health, and physical activity. Only nine participants (0.004% overall) classify that an online gaming is a disorder.

Internet disorder treatment programs are spreading all over the world especially in East Asia. A recent survey claimed that the methods used for a treatment for online gaming are imperfect at best. After monitoring 30 previous treatment studies among 2007 and 2016, cognitive-behavioral therapy yielded the best results in treating internet gaming.

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