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Lack of understanding.

If ever there was evidence that so called enterprise experts do not understand the nature of Co-operatives, it is to be found in the financial pages and in the comments and recommendations of 'City Experts'.
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  • which is why I spend an hour most nights at midnight commenting on their websites. pointing out the error of their ways. Mainly the telegraph /times/ FT /guardiana number of specialist finacial papers regional papers including manchester/lincoln/portsmouth/Iof W two scotish papers one in Cyprus one in Auss and a couple of US financial papers.

    If you (dear reader) want to join me go to Google news and type in either The co-operative group or the Co-operative bank or southern co-operative.  some stories appear in over two hundred medie sources so take your pick,  you will need to register takes a couple of mins or join discus and that lets you in to a number. then you can join the 'discussion'  I try to hit the papers about 1am before anyone else, that way you can somtimes stop a string of anti co-op nut cases. you can somtimes get the next rewrite of the storry changed.

    In one case where the journalist 'accidentally' miss read the statistics to make them look bad for the Co-op.i pointed out the error and said ' as an editor would you like to send me your copy first for checking rather than end up with egg on your face'   You have to check your facts carefully however.  today someone from spain wrote that 6 months ago i had misread a statement on the Co-op banks web site. 

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