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Can Drug or Alcohol Addiction Lead to Mental Illness?

It is obvious that the Psychologists and treatment staff often hear this question that when will my loved one get to the point of needing rehab, and what can I do to help? It is very important to understand that how much dangerous drug and/or alcohol abuse. The major side effects it can cause psychiatric conditions like anxiety, depression or PTSD.

Can Substance Abuse Alone Lead to Severe Mental Illness?

Most of the cases, substance abuse can “unmask” which means that it is the first episode of serious conditions like schizophrenia. But, it mostly occurs to that individual who is suffering predisposed to the condition. Some substances also cause some short-term psychosis-like violent, bizarre or reckless behavior. The reason behind this condition is that psychosis is a connection with another psychiatric condition.

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness: Deadly Partners

The Individuals who are fighting with undiagnosed symptoms of mental disorders often “self-medicate” with alcohol or drugs in order to feel good. For example, if there is a business event, someone needs some glasses of wine before attending a business-networking event. That’s the reason, how the toxic cycle of substance abuse and worsening of psychiatric symptoms starts. 

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