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  • 'Letf Fest' refers - it wasn't obvious!
  • Please record my apologies for absence on Saturday 2nd November. I was on the anti-Brexit march last Saturday or would have guaranteed a Co-op Party prominence among the stalls. That should have been a top priority for Hants & IoW.
  • Hi Tony- At the Rope Walk meeting, I said that I would support you at the Kite festival in Portsmouth next weekend. What do I need to know about the times and so on?
  • I agree with the Chair that a second referendum is needed when we know the finally agreed Brexit Terms
  • I am disgusted that the party chair is pressing for a second Brexit vote. The public has had its vote and that's it - democracy. I voted remain but the majority did not and that's it ….. period.
  • Direction for travel to Co-operative meeting at Thorngate Community Centre in Bury Road bus from Fareham is the Eclipse Bus E2 and get off at Gosport War Memorial Hospital the hall is next to the hospital
  • Dear Geoff and fellow Co-operators.
    My apologies (again) for absence next Saturday 21st. I've been elected to Group Membership Council and will travel to Manchester on the earliest train.
    All good wishes. Paul
    • Hi Paul.
      Your apologies are noted.
      Congratulations on being elected to the Group Membership Council.
      Best Wishes
  • I enclose below an application form; please return this to the Treasurer. When your application is approved we will send you a standing order form for the agreed number of shares. Alternatively you can use internet banking to set up an electronic standing order. We look forward to your support!
  • I attended an impressive Co-operative Party Labour hustings at the Amnesty International HQ in Shoreditch. All 4 leader and 4 deputy leader candidates participated well, not least Dr Stella Creasey.
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  • I do not know where Paul says the November E.C. can be booked in Woolston. I do know where the November EC can be booked in Winchester and this would be the St Peters Centre, which is just across from the Discovery Centre on Jewry Street, Winchester and I can book a room there as I have done in the past.
  • Hi Geoff,
    My apologies for EC absence tomorrow. The November EC can be at Woolston. Abw Paul
  • I have located AGM Minutes and Policy Docs for 1016 & 2017 but no trace of Agenda and Ploicy docs for 16/6
  • Geoff

    Cant download the docs for discussion on 16. June. My system is no liking it
  • Please record my apologies for absence on 17/6 . Well done in Portsmouth South!
  • Where is the link to the Council Minutes and agenda's?
  • Where is the link to Council minutes?
  • Hi! Please could you e-mail :-
    The venue of the Party Council Meeting on Sat. 11th. Feb. Many Thanks! John W.
This reply was deleted.
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