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48464431546_d83733b46f_n.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xSurely, the prime minister’s avowed love of the health service is just vote-winning spin for a possible general election

Boris Johnson has made the NHS central to his first weeks in office, alongside his other “people’s priorities” of crime and schools. In a newspaper column last month, he was effusive about “this amazing national institution” and the “care, kindness and professionalism of the NHS” he experienced when having a shard of glass removed from his foot. He has made promises galore to help the NHS, its staff and patients: an extra £1.8bn in capital funding; shorter waits to see a GP; an end to the crisis in doctor's pensions that has led so many medics to work fewer shifts; and a solution at last – hallelujah (but, note, no details yet) – to the scandal that is social care. It all sounds great. Johnson is presenting himself as a staunch supporter of the NHS. He has even pledged to increase its budget beyond Theresa May’s extra £20bn.


The Guardian

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