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Mostly experts argue that recovery is easy as compared to maintain sobriety for lifetime. It is a fact that patients found themselves helpless to maintain recovery however, this article is going to provide you few reliable tips to maintain sobriety.

First of all, after recovery, you should deeply analyze your environment, your company and your habits. You should remove all those facts that can trigger you towards drugs from your environment. Similarly, keep distance from such friends who take drugs, remove alcoholic drinks and beverages from your office, and home as well.

To maintain recovery for lifetime, you can also work voluntarily to help other addicts and can serve the community. You must also have a reason to leave addiction and that reason could be your family, your career or your academic life. You deserve lot of credit at the completion of addiction treatment but don’t forget aftercare and keep in touch with your rehab experts to maintain recovery.  

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Free event for people or groups interested in community development in the PO postcode area. Free tickets from: Drop in meeting 12 noon on Thursday 6th July at The John Pounds Centre, Queen Street, Portsmouth. Find out about our Resilience project and how we may help you and your community. Community Social & Economic Development. Mutual-Self-Help. Lottery Funded. Book via Eventbrite.
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Free event for people or groups interested in community development in the SO postcode area. Free tickets from: Drop in meeting 12 noon on Wed 5th July. 2nd floor, Dukes Keep, Marsh Lane, Southampton SO14 3EX Find out about our Resilience project and how we may help you and your community. Community Social & Economic Development. Mutual-Self-Help. Lottery Funded. Book via Eventbrite
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A community bus for Hayling Island?

Geoff Wade is looking forward to speaking at Havant Labour Party's community meeting, 11am at The Royal Shades, Sea Front, Hayling Island, Sat 1st July - to discuss the potential for a Community Bus to link with the Hayling Ferry and how Community Empowerment's Resilience Programme may help. This public meeting is relevant to residents of both Havant and Portsmouth and those that would like to see a reduction in traffic making the 'inland' trip between Portsmouth and Hayling Island.
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Interesting Facts about Beef

Beef is considered as an excellent source of protein in our daily meal. However, in this article, we are going to share some interesting facts about beef with you.

There are many beef producing countries in the world but United States and Brazil are the largest beef producing countries which also export beef to other countries as well. In United States, half amount of beef is being used in hamburgers.

Similarly, people love to have beef in different kinds of cuisines and dishes, only in United Kingdom nearly 17.3 kg is ate by a single Briton. If we talk about nutritional value of beef then it is consisting of ten essential nutrients and a good source of protein, vitamin and iron. On the other hand, people who are suffering with high blood pressure should only use beef occasionally because sodium is also present in beef in good amount.


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If you are an entrepreneur at the beginning stage of your career then you will exactly understand the meaning of budgeting. However, following free marketing tools are very useful for entrepreneurs.


The first effective and quick marketing tool is ChattyPeople. This chatbot platform helps to create facebook chats quickly to promote your business.


Another free tool is MailChimp that assists its users regarding email marketing to attain more traffic at their sites.


If you want to get auto posts about your business at social networking sites then PromoRepublic is a free content builder tool with a big library. With the help of this tool, you can also create templates and scheduled several number of quality posts at twitter, LinkedIn and facebook.


If you have a tight budget and you want to optimize your site to attain quality traffic without spending money then Yoast is the best free tool. It doesn’t only improve the ranking of your website but also helps you to write meta description as well.




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Adding contacts in the People area

If you'd like to add someone's details to your site or to a particular project for reference, you can add them as a contact. Please note, contacts cannot be assigned tasks, log in or be sent email notifications.

If you go to the 'People' tab at the top of your screen, in the 'People' section under that you'll see an 'Add' button on the right:

  • Address: The person’s address.
  • Profile: The option to add details anyone who can view the contact details will see.
  • Notes: These will only be visible to people in the owner company.
  • Social: Enter their social handles. Options here are Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook,website, and a choice of messenger services.


More Details

Email Marketing Video

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Awesome Tips to Improve Birthday Parties

Birthdays are considered as very special occasions especially in the life of children. This blog is going to share very inspirational, assuming but money saving birthday party tips with you.

Tip # 1

Firstly, on birthday parties of children their friends and class fellows must be invited as mostly parents ignore this factor and do not invite them. However, it is necessary to invite birthday boy’s or girl’s school friends.

Tip # 2

On the other hand, you can also select a specific theme for birthday party of your kid but guest should have to follow the particular dress code as well.

Tip # 3

The most essential part behind successful birthday parties is efficient but effective planning. So, your birthday party should be well organized with efficient skills.

Tip # 4

Enticing interior designing, arrangement of lightings and other stuff enhance the beauty of birthday parties. However, the design and taste of cake should also be very good as well because such things give great pleasure to little kids. My friend Mike who works at Northside Rehab Center Cincinnati, OH always uses eye-catching furniture on the birthdays of his kids.

Tip # 5

To save money, you can also take photographs to make this party memorable but it is better to a professional photographer.

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The beginners who enter in ecommerce or internet marketing industry consider it as a very easy job but if I do not talk about internet industry then the importance of hard word would be same in all fields of life. As Napoleon Hill said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”.

I am in SEO industry since last 10 years but I do not believe in shortcuts. However, with the help of some useful strategies and by avoiding some typical mistakes beginners can accomplish their objective in convenient manner.

Last Sunday, when I received a mail from a newbie regarding to get some useful SEO tips for his drug rehab and addiction treatment site then I decided to write a pragmatic article to guide newbie. In this article, I am going to describe some common blunders that beginners make at the initial stage of their SEO career and this article will guide that who can avoid such mistakes as well.

Don’t Merge PPC with SEO

It has been seen that mostly newbie are confusing the pay per click (PPC) with search engine optimization but in actual both have different perspectives. I want to make aware beginners that PPC is just like an advertisement offer that is provided by Google but if we talk about consequences that via PPC websites are not getting more traffic because mostly visitors go with organic results. So, beginners should have to concentrate on search engine optimization strategies.

Duplicate & Shaky Content

In internet marketing industry, everyone knows about the significance of content and its uniqueness. Search engines just love high quality content and it is strongly recommended to beginners to develop good quality content for internet marketing. Shaky and duplicate stuff becomes the reason to misinform and confuse the search engines particularly Google. On the other hand, Google Panda was also introduced in 2011 to castigate the sites that were not able to manage high quality content.

Titles and Anchor Words

In the creation of new websites, beginners should have to take care that content should not be duplicated. I always recommend to beginners to use unique titles for their web pages to avoid spamming issues as well. At the end, the selection of anchor words should be carefully and anchor words should appropriate and relevant.

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Secretes to Get Money from Blogs

A blog could be create in any winter morning or rainy nights and it covers a lot of topics including photography, cooking, SEO, fashion, academics and biology that are congenital needs of internet industry. You can also create any blog very little money and can use it as well developed business to earn money. In following tips, I am going to share secrets of earning money through blogs.

Content Writing for Blogs

To get money from blogs, it is important that you writing skills should be damn good and unique. Another principle of content writing, it should be updated from current affairs. If you talk about internet marketing then other content writers or bloggers would also use your blog to get information and could also be refer you through backlinks as well.

Sponsored Content

Branding and promotion of other content, brands and retailing stuff would also become a source to get money for bloggers. Suppose, if your blog is relevant to fashion or technology and has good ranking then fashion wear retailers and seller of technology goods would like to advertise their products and services at your blog. Similarly, if you blog is about drug abuse then drug rehab service providers can also put their ads on your site. To get better rankings, you can also get the reliable search engine optimization services from internet marketing companies.

Banner Ads

It is anticipated that mostly visitors of blogs must click on banner ads in which they are interested. However, banner ads should be related to stuff provided by blog.

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Unprocessed marijuana or whole marijuana is known as medical marijuana. The use of medical marijuana is legal on the advice of doctor. This article is going to describe few health benefits of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is known for its healing properties and it is very effective for migraine. According of doctors, near about 300,000 patients have been gotten relief from migraine with the use of medical marijuana in CA. According to American Association for Cancer Research, medical marijuana kills the cancer cells and slows down the growth of tumor.

Medical marijuana also provides great relief in the case of chronic diseases such as bowel diseases and pain. It also treats glaucoma and diseases intraocular eye pressure. Medical marijuana also improves the functions of immune system and it treats the mood disorder. With antispasmodic qualities, it also gives great relief to muscles and effective in the treatment of seizures.

Medical marijuana also plays great role in the treatment of opioid addiction. However, its addiction can also cause severe side effects such as brain damage, kidney problems and strokes. Therefore, it should only use on the advice of physician.

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Role of Parents in Child Upbringing

Child upbringing is one of the most significant responsibilities of parents. They should perform this task with complete honesty and courage without thinking about the rewards. This article is going to give few beneficial tips to parents that will help them in upbringing of their child.

First of all, parents must give their kid unconditional love and it shouldn’t rely on their gender, beauty and intelligence. You kid must have a feeling that his/her parents love him/her unconditionally. It has also been seen that parents love more to their bright kids who take good grades and ignore their dumb kids. However, it is absolutely unfair and parents’ love must be unconditional.

On the other hand, you should teach your kids to respect others and there should not be any discrimination in this regard. However, respect depends on a give and take rule so first of all, parents respect their kids and then, they will get respect from their kids. It is also a prime responsibility of parents to have a deep eye on outdoor activities of their especially they must have all information about the company of their kids because a bad company can leads towards drug addiction and many other immoral habits.

A large number of parents considered that it is the duty of teachers and school administration to make their kids disciplined in their lives but in actual, child initially learns about discipline from home. So, parents should also teach their kids about discipline from their own acts.


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Tips to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

To overcome any kind of drug addiction from smoking to heroin addiction your journey would be full of barriers and hurdles. This article is going to describe few effective tips to overcome alcohol addiction.

First of all, you will have to prepare a list of pros and cons of alcohol addiction. Then, you will have to decide that which side is beneficial for you, for your health, for your career and for your family. If you go with cons then it is the time to take serious actions to get rid of alcohol addiction. After selection of any valid reason due to which you want to leave alcohol addiction, you must have to boycott all triggers of alcohol. In this regard, you will have to remove all alcohol beverages from your office and home.

Secondly, if you were thinking it would be difficult for you to fight against alcohol addiction then go to a drug rehab center and get alcohol addiction treatment. On the other hand, leave the company of friends who are involved in alcohol addiction. Similarly, spend your spare time in house chores and adopt interesting habits like having fun at the beach or gardening in the home garden. Tea or coffee would also help you to get rid of alcohol addiction.


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The Silliest Lawsuits in Corporate World

Mostly people want to sue well-reputed and giant organizations only to get money or popularity. I am going to share such kind of silly lawsuits with you.

Norman v. Honda

This is a very famous case in which Karen Norman was died during driving Honda and parents sued the company and gave the reason that she was not able to hit the emergency button. They also made the sense that it only happened because of technical fault of Honda. However, the reality to entirely different from this and 0.17 % of alcohol was present in the blood of Karen and she was need of drug rehab services at that time. However, jury concluded the case in the favor of parents of Karen.

Rosenberg v. Google

Lauren Rosenberg also sued Google in 2009 as she was using Google maps for traveling purpose but were hit by car. However, according to legal experts, her case was legit but she should also have to use her eyeballs. Google maps mostly provide the right direction but sometimes, users should also have to use their own common sense as well.

Overton v. Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch is a brewing company and it’s headquarter is located at Missouri the state of MC Marine Corps. In this case, Overton just sued the brewing company for false advertisement and he claimed that he didn’t find any beautiful lady at beach after taking 6 packs that was just a silly claim.

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Quit-Smoking Tips

Many diseases like mouth cancer, heart problems and lungs cancer are associated with smoking. Mostly people adopt smoking to forget their tensions but it is injurious to human health. This article is going to described few quit-smoking tips.

In the beginning, smoker would have to find a valid reason to quit smoking. There could be many reasons of quit smoking such as addict’s health, career or family. On the other hand, to safeguard your kids from secondhand smoking could also be a reason of quit smoking.

Quit-smoking counseling classes and motivational speeches can also helpful in this regard. However, to overcome craving issues, smoker must have to avoid smoking triggers in which alcohol drinks are at the top. You can also make yourself busy in house chores and other physical activities if you want to avoid craving.

Sudden withdrawal can also cause mood swings and headache. In this regard, drug rehab and nicotine replacement therapies can assist you a lot. On the other hand, addict should replace the smoking with tea or coffee to avoid craving problem.


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The addiction of anything could be harmful for human health. Similarly, addiction of alcohol can cause serious health issues and we are going to discuss short-term and long-term side effects of Alcoholism.

Before discussing the side effects, we will discuss the symptoms of alcohol intake. In the case of excess use of alcohol, you will suffer because of temporary loss of consciousness, vomiting, constipation and nausea. In severe conditions, coma and death can also occur.

Now come to main agenda of this article and describe short-term side effects of alcoholism. Decrement in body temperature, drowsiness, depression and slurring of speech are short-term side effects.

On the other hand, if we talk about long-term side effects of alcoholism then these are severe. Long-term overconsumption of alcohol becomes the reason of a dangerous disease pancreatitis. This addiction also disturbs the functioning of liver. On the other hand, overconsumption of alcohol for a long time can also leads cancer. However, withdrawal is really difficult but with consistent efforts and better rehab therapies, you can come towards sober life.


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multidrug-resistant bacteria


who is currently a first-year MD/PhD student, and undergraduates enthal decided to sidestep the problem of resistance by devising a way to kill bacteria without antibiotics. Their solution is to give viruses that infect bacteria (called bacteriophages) a bit of a weapons upgrade by boosting their proteins’ ability to penetrate and kill certain types of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Team Lys research is particularly important because their engineered proteins may be the first to enter clinical trials against a group of multidrug-resistant bacteria known as Gram-negative, including ,

For more details:Clean Energy 3D Video

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