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The beginners who enter in ecommerce or internet marketing industry consider it as a very easy job but if I do not talk about internet industry then the importance of hard word would be same in all fields of life. As Napoleon Hill said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”.

I am in SEO industry since last 10 years but I do not believe in shortcuts. However, with the help of some useful strategies and by avoiding some typical mistakes beginners can accomplish their objective in convenient manner.

Last Sunday, when I received a mail from a newbie regarding to get some useful SEO tips for his drug rehab and addiction treatment site then I decided to write a pragmatic article to guide newbie. In this article, I am going to describe some common blunders that beginners make at the initial stage of their SEO career and this article will guide that who can avoid such mistakes as well.

Don’t Merge PPC with SEO

It has been seen that mostly newbie are confusing the pay per click (PPC) with search engine optimization but in actual both have different perspectives. I want to make aware beginners that PPC is just like an advertisement offer that is provided by Google but if we talk about consequences that via PPC websites are not getting more traffic because mostly visitors go with organic results. So, beginners should have to concentrate on search engine optimization strategies.

Duplicate & Shaky Content

In internet marketing industry, everyone knows about the significance of content and its uniqueness. Search engines just love high quality content and it is strongly recommended to beginners to develop good quality content for internet marketing. Shaky and duplicate stuff becomes the reason to misinform and confuse the search engines particularly Google. On the other hand, Google Panda was also introduced in 2011 to castigate the sites that were not able to manage high quality content.

Titles and Anchor Words

In the creation of new websites, beginners should have to take care that content should not be duplicated. I always recommend to beginners to use unique titles for their web pages to avoid spamming issues as well. At the end, the selection of anchor words should be carefully and anchor words should appropriate and relevant.

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