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Is Addiction a Disease?

The most common discussion nowadays is that “is addiction a disease?”

The main purpose of the medical model of mental disorder aligned that addiction is one of the most dangerous, chronic and relapsing diseases of the brain. In this situation, the drug becomes the involuntary and give negative effects. The main point is that addiction is a disease as it totally changes the brain and gives negative consequences. The usage of drugs become most compulsive and chronic control over the user.

Marc Lewis, a neuroscientist, and former drug addict argues that addiction is “uncannily normal,” and he gives what he says the learning model of addiction, which he contrasts to both the idea that addiction is a choice and to the idea that addiction is a disease. Lewis said that addiction changes the mind and brain.

Therefore we can say that there is an option involved in addiction that people who are addicted to something is considered a weak and it is also obvious to overcome addiction because it is a difficult task. It is very hard for some people, practically impossible to undo years of habit.

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