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When someone died then it effects the whole family. The person who was taking care at the end of their life can be rewarding, but there have much unmet information and support needs. Here are few tips if you are looking for someone to home care and support near the end of their life.

1. Look after yourself Looking for carers after someone with a life-threatening illness have higher levels of emotional distress that include anxiety and depression than the general population. It is very important you look after yourself. Self-care is really important and with the help of yoga, you can keep yourself calm and relax.

2. Get informed To care someone at the end of life is likely a new experience. Most of the carers are learning the job and don’t feel practically or emotionally prepared for the task. In a recent research, carers practicalcaring tasks, like moving the person in and out of bed, preparing suitable meals, and giving medication.

3. Ask for help Most of the people who almost nearing the end of life need help. They approach an individual carer who provide the health services and give support approaching the end of life.

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