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Protection is another the best way to treat addiction. Most of the parents just wait for the age of 13 or 14 of their children but it’s too late and adopts any addiction. According to a recent report, it is estimated that most the teenagers start using drugs at the age of 9 or 10 and then went on more strong drugs. Therefore, it is very important to tell your children about the drug and its outcomes.

Here are five tips that will help your children to keep away from this kind of dangerous addictions:

1. Be supportive.

This one is very important of being supportive and cooperative with your child. Try to support your children in every field of life because being supportive, it will give good result and your child will share each and everything with you.

2. Teach your child negative actions to have consequences.

It is the duty of the parent to build a sense of right and wrong in a child's brain because parents are the most important authority figures for children. Always try to apply less strictness because sometimes, more strictness increases the sign of rebel on children.

3. Educate yourself about the signs of drug addiction.

Ensure that any unusual behavior has some consequences so monitor the behaviors of your child in your child and observers an unusual behavior. If you aren't sure whether something is a sign of addiction, do a drug test?

4. Be involved in your child's life.

It is very important to get updated about your children activity. Their sports, hobbies, interests and at school activities. Give them some reward for good behavior and teach the consequences of bad behavior.

5. Build self-esteem in your child.

Always keep in mind that low self-esteem and a biochemical propensity for addiction is a lethal combination. Self-esteem can decrease the confidence of your children and go towards bad things. So, it’s up to parents to build confidence and make your children strong.

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Mostly experts argue that recovery is easy as compared to maintain sobriety for lifetime. It is a fact that patients found themselves helpless to maintain recovery however, this article is going to provide you few reliable tips to maintain sobriety.

First of all, after recovery, you should deeply analyze your environment, your company and your habits. You should remove all those facts that can trigger you towards drugs from your environment. Similarly, keep distance from such friends who take drugs, remove alcoholic drinks and beverages from your office, and home as well.

To maintain recovery for lifetime, you can also work voluntarily to help other addicts and can serve the community. You must also have a reason to leave addiction and that reason could be your family, your career or your academic life. You deserve lot of credit at the completion of addiction treatment but don’t forget aftercare and keep in touch with your rehab experts to maintain recovery.  

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Different Types of Drugs and their Effects

Drug abuse has become very common problem of civilized societies. Mostly people use drugs to get relief from stress, depression and to escape from responsibilities. Similarly, a little number of youth also uses drugs to have fun and it is strongly condemnable. This article is going to discuss few kinds of drugs and their negative effects.


Mostly all of us know the name of Heroin and consider it a harmful drug. Heroin is extracted from plant opium poppy. This drug becomes the reason of many physical problems including constipation, bad teeth, paralysis and inflammation of gums. If we talk about mental problems then memory loss, depression and deep introversion are few of them.


This drug is obtained from the leaves of coca plant. It is very harmful for mental health and physical health. Some major side effects of having this drug are high blood pressure, increment in heart rate and breakage of nervous system.


Methamphetamine looks like ice. This drug increases the excitement level in addicts and they prefer to perform distinct tasks like hand wash several times. The rehab treatment of drug addiction is long term process because for addicts it becomes very tough to stay away from meth and craving reaches at peak. 

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On the road to future...

We are living in a world where every second something changes, something new is born and something old dies. In all this process, humans are not completely helpless, they have found many methods, planned many strategies to help them deal with this unpredictability of nature. With all this extreme stress on planing, education is one of the greatest tool that helped human from getting one step to another and keep moving nonetheless.

Education is now the most important part of every one's life , it defines how you are going to take care of major issues in life, not to discuss the insignificant ones that everyday life needs to get by. The education system present all over the world is designed by people so it's a must to have some flaws but some of these flaws are so major that are causing major damages to the people objected to this system. The system where students are so stressful and in the urge of good grades that it has not only effected the way they take education as but also how they deal with it overall effects their life.  A result oriented approach is needed but in the end all those student that aren't able to keep up with the constant competition tend to opt for easy way out, getting into drugs, starting from simple ones that help them to stay awake or learn more but n the end it worsens and they get deeper and deeper into the dark world where they no longer have any control on their mind and body.

No matter how important it is for youngsters to learn but what is more important is to develop their thinking so they understand that they need to learn bot run blindly towards what any one is providing them. Every one is unique and they have their own abilities and qualities which they need to learn and work towards being their best instead of being part of a race where no one know where he is going and why.

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