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Is Addiction a Disease?

Many people who have no idea about addiction. We are addict of several things like smartphone, television, video games etc. The addictions which do not effect your life is not as much dangerous but the addiction which effects your life and lead to the wrong path is dangerous for an individual health.

Most of the people are not aware of addiction and they think that it is not a disease but it is a disease. Addiction is not as simple as other disease, it is an illness that requires an assistant to treat. Many people who drink alcohol or use drugs are mostly want to escape from their thinking. The only way to get rid of these addictions are 12 step programs and practicing AA’s 12 steps. These steps help to remove their past, amend their wrong behavior and develop a relationship with high power.The anti-disease advocates believe that those individuals who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction lose their mental capabilities. These types of addiction directly attack their brain and prevent to get better.

“I wasn’t so sure at first,” Debbie said, a former patient of addiction recovery center. “Everyone told me that I was weak. I was drinking only because I was weak, they said—not because I might have a disease. A Better Today really opened my eyes to that difference,” she admitted.

Life is very important for everyone. Don't waste it by doing wrong things.

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How to Overcome Addiction

Drug Abuse is a very harmful thing. It has become a very serious issue nowadays in the United States.There are so many problems and diseases that may be caused by drug abuse but the most common issue regarding drug abuse is the high risk of getting into some severe addiction.Drug abuse has the worst effects on a person's mental health as well as physical health.

The younger the person is, the more will be the chances for an individual to get addicted to some drugs.When the youngsters and teens get addicted to some substance or drug, it leads them to some pattern of unsafe responses ad behavior like unsafe sex or unsafe driving. Another main problem which is the major cause of the increase in the number of drug addicts is the availability of these drugs in the market. Their availability motivates the teens and youngsters to get into some dangerous and harmful drugss like " Club Drugs" that may lead to some serious mental and physical issues mentioned below:

  • Memory Loss
  • damaged lungs
  • Kidney and Liver Failure
  • mental health issues
  • Addiction
  • Injury caused by intoxication
  • overdose or death
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Mostly experts argue that recovery is easy as compared to maintain sobriety for lifetime. It is a fact that patients found themselves helpless to maintain recovery however, this article is going to provide you few reliable tips to maintain sobriety.

First of all, after recovery, you should deeply analyze your environment, your company and your habits. You should remove all those facts that can trigger you towards drugs from your environment. Similarly, keep distance from such friends who take drugs, remove alcoholic drinks and beverages from your office, and home as well.

To maintain recovery for lifetime, you can also work voluntarily to help other addicts and can serve the community. You must also have a reason to leave addiction and that reason could be your family, your career or your academic life. You deserve lot of credit at the completion of addiction treatment but don’t forget aftercare and keep in touch with your rehab experts to maintain recovery.  

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Tips to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

To overcome any kind of drug addiction from smoking to heroin addiction your journey would be full of barriers and hurdles. This article is going to describe few effective tips to overcome alcohol addiction.

First of all, you will have to prepare a list of pros and cons of alcohol addiction. Then, you will have to decide that which side is beneficial for you, for your health, for your career and for your family. If you go with cons then it is the time to take serious actions to get rid of alcohol addiction. After selection of any valid reason due to which you want to leave alcohol addiction, you must have to boycott all triggers of alcohol. In this regard, you will have to remove all alcohol beverages from your office and home.

Secondly, if you were thinking it would be difficult for you to fight against alcohol addiction then go to a drug rehab center and get alcohol addiction treatment. On the other hand, leave the company of friends who are involved in alcohol addiction. Similarly, spend your spare time in house chores and adopt interesting habits like having fun at the beach or gardening in the home garden. Tea or coffee would also help you to get rid of alcohol addiction.


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Different Types of Drugs and their Effects

Drug abuse has become very common problem of civilized societies. Mostly people use drugs to get relief from stress, depression and to escape from responsibilities. Similarly, a little number of youth also uses drugs to have fun and it is strongly condemnable. This article is going to discuss few kinds of drugs and their negative effects.


Mostly all of us know the name of Heroin and consider it a harmful drug. Heroin is extracted from plant opium poppy. This drug becomes the reason of many physical problems including constipation, bad teeth, paralysis and inflammation of gums. If we talk about mental problems then memory loss, depression and deep introversion are few of them.


This drug is obtained from the leaves of coca plant. It is very harmful for mental health and physical health. Some major side effects of having this drug are high blood pressure, increment in heart rate and breakage of nervous system.


Methamphetamine looks like ice. This drug increases the excitement level in addicts and they prefer to perform distinct tasks like hand wash several times. The rehab treatment of drug addiction is long term process because for addicts it becomes very tough to stay away from meth and craving reaches at peak. 

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