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Is Addiction a Disease?

Many people who have no idea about addiction. We are addict of several things like smartphone, television, video games etc. The addictions which do not effect your life is not as much dangerous but the addiction which effects your life and lead to the wrong path is dangerous for an individual health.

Most of the people are not aware of addiction and they think that it is not a disease but it is a disease. Addiction is not as simple as other disease, it is an illness that requires an assistant to treat. Many people who drink alcohol or use drugs are mostly want to escape from their thinking. The only way to get rid of these addictions are 12 step programs and practicing AA’s 12 steps. These steps help to remove their past, amend their wrong behavior and develop a relationship with high power.The anti-disease advocates believe that those individuals who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction lose their mental capabilities. These types of addiction directly attack their brain and prevent to get better.

“I wasn’t so sure at first,” Debbie said, a former patient of addiction recovery center. “Everyone told me that I was weak. I was drinking only because I was weak, they said—not because I might have a disease. A Better Today really opened my eyes to that difference,” she admitted.

Life is very important for everyone. Don't waste it by doing wrong things.

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