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Zebra’s core value is equality. This is reflected in all we do, directly in our equalities training & consultancy, but equally in the values that underpin all elements of our work and in every element of our internal working.

From our commitment to equality issues our vision:

A just and sustainable society.

And from our vision issues our mission:

To influence change in public life and personal lives towards our vision of a just and sustainable society, through our work in training, development, support, action research and consultancy.

The structure of Zebra Collective – an equal pay worker co-operative – was chosen by its founders as a model which reflects our values, vision and mission, and which offers an excellent workplace in which the flat structure, shared ownership and broad-reaching equality maximises worker control over her / his working life.

We wish to maximise our impact. It is not enough to hold our values: rather, we are determined that the work should achieve our mission by having clear, measurable impact towards our vision. To this end, we are rigorous in reflecting on and evaluating our work, seeking meaningful feedback from clients in addition to our self-assessments. And from 2010-11 we run a process of social accounting – an intensive, detailed process for measuring our social impact against our social aims. In our first year we recorded some good evidence of the impact of our work, and identified plenty of scope for improvement and development. In 2011-12, during which the particular focus of our social accounting is our commitment to equality, we are actively working to further improve the impact of our work. This will be an ongoing process through the life of Zebra Collective.

When you choose to work with Zebra Collective – whether as an individual, an organisation, a collaborator or an employee – you choose an organisation which guarantees that its motivation is that, working in partnership, we can have some impact towards a more just and sustainable society.

For more information please visit our website The Zebra Collective

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