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  • Direction for travel to Co-operative meeting at Thorngate Community Centre in Bury Road bus from Fareham is the Eclipse Bus E2 and get off at Gosport War Memorial Hospital the hall is next to the hospital
  • Dear Geoff and fellow Co-operators.
    My apologies (again) for absence next Saturday 21st. I've been elected to Group Membership Council and will travel to Manchester on the earliest train.
    All good wishes. Paul
    • Hi Paul.
      Your apologies are noted.
      Congratulations on being elected to the Group Membership Council.
      Best Wishes
  • I enclose below an application form; please return this to the Treasurer. When your application is approved we will send you a standing order form for the agreed number of shares. Alternatively you can use internet banking to set up an electronic standing order. We look forward to your support!
  • I attended an impressive Co-operative Party Labour hustings at the Amnesty International HQ in Shoreditch. All 4 leader and 4 deputy leader candidates participated well, not least Dr Stella Creasey.
  • My apologies for absence from Party Council tomorrow. Will Portsmouth Labour Party have a presence/stall at Portsmouth University Freshers' Fayre? Winchester CLP will have astall at our University's Freshers fayre and the recent CLP meeting agreed to accommodate Co-operative Party publicity which I shall collect from HQ.
  • Can I refer people to the survey done for the TUC based on 5000 people as to why the opinion polls at the time were right and then wrong.

    Two key trends

    Large numbers of Labour voters did not vote due to serious concerns about trust, message and competence. Much more an issue than for the Tories. They could not vote therefore for us

    Secondly UKIP Tory voters decided to come home to the Tories.

    This means serious examination rather than a sticking plaster is required

  • Cooperative Development in the economy is essential if we are going to create a more equitable distribution of opportunity and outcomes. Move Your Business is sponsoring a campaign to help bring this about. Join MYB as a supporter and help make this happen
    John M
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  • Please record my apologies for absence on 17/6 . Well done in Portsmouth South!
  • Where is the link to the Council Minutes and agenda's?
  • Where is the link to Council minutes?
  • Hi! Please could you e-mail :-
    The venue of the Party Council Meeting on Sat. 11th. Feb. Many Thanks! John W.
  • Sorry I cant make this mtg as I'm at 2 mtgs in London already inc the Co-op Economic one. Can I however refer members to the big NHS demo in London on 4 March starting in Tavistock Sq to Parliament at 12 noon which as a member of Health Campaigns Together with the Peoples Assembly we are working toward backed by the Unions etc. PLease lookj at either website for growing lists of coaches
  • Apologies for absence. I'll be at Co-op Group Council. Also Back to Being Co-op members event next Tuesday 22/11 Southampton Solent University 6.30pm ff All welcome !!
  • Message to Margaret Bryan. Did you receive my email re change of Bank account details (still Co-op). Paul A Newman best wishes
  • Dear Geoff,
    Please receive my apologies for absence on Saturday 21st. I have been elected to Group Members Council so will be travel to Manchester early morning.
  • Will hope to arrive later rather than on time as I'm bringing a coach load down to Gosport. It might be an idea to have someone form the North near London on the EC!
  • Why do many campaign groups and mini-forums only show 1 member?

    When a group or mini-forum is created the creator has the choice as to whether it is open for the general public to view or whether some or even all pages are accessible only to members. Where only 1 member is indicated this usually means the group/mini-forum is totally visible to the General Public (therefore there is no need to 'join' and become a member).
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