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The Government in it's infinite wisdom has decided to give £50 million to grammar schools and New Faith Schools, while it might be a good idea for some people, it is not a good idea for others. if you are going to give £50million to grammar and new faith schools, why not give the same ammount to the schools that are falling down, schools that are decaying every year. why not give £50 million to schools in deprived areas, why not give £50 million to schools that are deemed past their best. This £50 million while it is to be used to expand existing grammar schools and faith schools, it should also be given to those schools that actually need the money. This policy is all wrong, we all know that the Government is all for grammar schools, Teresa May even went to one, why aren't they doing the same for schools in deprived areas. Also, what about Primary Schools, Infant schools, pre-schools, don't they count? if the Government had its way, we all would have been going to Grammar schools, i am proud to say i went to a secondary modern school, which is now a college, and it never did me any harm. 

There are people saying that going to a Grammar school doesn't help with social mobility, i can well believe that, there are also people saying that "this will give parents a better choice" a better choice for whom, those that can afford it or for those that can't. if your school is decaying, falling down, past its best and in a deprived area, i would also be asking for money. the plan is that Grammar schools can bid for the cash, that sounds fair, which grammar school in London is likely to get the most money? i always wonder why Governments start messing around with Education, it is not fair on the pupils from deprived backgrounds and deprived schools. so Mr Hinds (whoever you are) please be fair with all schools not just Grammar schools, but schools in deprived areas and Give them £50million to bid for as well. 

it will make it fairer for everybody, not just a selected few. why not put money into those schools that don't have any money due to Government cuts, lets be fair about this, every child needs and would like a good education and social mobility from all schools, not just Grammar and New Faith Schools. 


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