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Do the SDGs matter for co-op businesses?

The business case for engaging with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

A 2015 report by PwC showed that while only 33% of people surveyed were aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 90% of those who knew about them believed it was important for businesses to sign up to them. In addition, 78% said they were more likely to buy the goods and services of companies that had signed up to the SDGs (67% in the UK). This makes an important business case for co-ops to position themselves as pioneers in implementing the SDGs.

Governments are still seen as having prime responsibility to achieve the SDGs, with 49% of businesses respondents and 44% of citizens ranking them first. However, as awareness of the SDGs is increasing, the public is beginning to perceive business as having a more important role. Businesses themselves are gaining more knowledge about the SDGs, with 71% of firms telling PwC they were already planning how to respond to the goals. Around 34% of businesses said they had agreed plans and were implementing them, while 37% were still planning their approach.


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