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The co-operative movement has seen high profile casualties in recent years, most notably the crisis which brought down the UK’s Co-operative Bank.

In his study for Co-operatives UK, The Governance of Large Co-operative Businesses, Prof Johnston Birchall stresses that governance failures happen in all business models – and highlights a “malaise” in “the whole edifice of corporate governance in shareholder-owned companies”.

On the other hand, he says, “Co-operatives, owned by their members rather than by shareholders, have a relatively good track record in governance, but there have been some notable failures as well.”


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  • I agree its when they try and act like companies, and fail to follow basic Co-op accounting principles : never spend more than you earn : make sure all the directors understand basic accounting. Never borrow money on the money markets. Never borrow short term and lend or invest long term. Never trust commercial financial institutions or their employees. Always assume everyone who works for a company is a liar, then you wont be disappointed, when you find most are.
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