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'Our new look and feel reflects the credit union’s close relationship with the co-operative sector in its widest sense'

The Co-operative Credit Union has adopted the global co-operative marque as part of its new brand and colour scheme. The credit union, which also uses the .coop domain, launched the new look at the Co-operative Group’s AGM in Manchester on 19 May.


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  • Your honesty does you credit, but I'm sure if you went to google 'images' you would find one you could use and in the case of the Co-op marque I don't think the ICA or Co-ops UK would object. I'll go and have a search later.
  • HELP this is not the international co-op marque, the blue clover leaf symbol is the one used just by the Co-op Group Manchester. The Global one is in a straight line CO-OP. it s used extensively round the world.
    • This logo was the best I could find on Google in the non-commercial reuse category as the one on one line wasn't in that category.
    • You are correct of course. They presented at National Council Meeting on 20/5 and seek to be under Group auspices, but for employee members of all Co-ops.
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