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Community Empowerment

What is Community Empowerment?

Community Empowerment Limited is a charitable society for the benefit of the community.

You can support our work by becoming a member.

Membership subscription is £5 per year.


MEMBERSHIP of Community Empowerment costs £1 share and £5 per annum subscription.

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The EMPOWERus forum is operated by Community Empowerment Ltd

- a charitable society for the benefit of the community.


To make either a one-off or regular donation towards our charitable activities, with the option of Gift Aid if applicable,

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About Us

Community Empowerment Ltd is a charitable society for the benefit of the community.

It brings together individuals and groups that strive to place power into communities, giving people the tools to take control of their destiny and the destiny of their communities. It is for people that want to work together in order to 'do something' for themselves and for the benefit of the community.

To this end it champions Mutual self-help which is people supporting each other to achieve shared aims.

WE ARE A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY - based upon One Member - One Vote.

Please consider joining - we need members for our sustainability as a charitable society for the benefit of the community.

 MEMBERSHIP costs just £5 per year..


We assist with the creation and development (incubation) of Co-operatives and Social Enterprises and offer ongoing support in the form of low-cost "back office" services so as to enable you to concentrate upon your core activities.

We also help people to improve their employability, primarily through our "Community Routes into Employment" project which seconds unemployed volunteers to community organisations and social enterprises.

We specialise in co-operative and mutual structures and governance, NOT only for social enterprises but also for community development needs.

For further information visit our WEBSITE.

If you support our aims and objectives then please become a  MEMBER.