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A very big thank you to Andrew and the team at TRACOSuk CIC.

for their support to Community Empowerment Ltd.

TRACOSuk CIC have donated a considerable amount if IT equipment for our use in improving people's employability.

"The People's Forum"

is operated by

Co-operative Service Solutions CIC

- a not-for-profit community interest company which as members of "The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium" supports Community Empowerment Ltd which is a charitable society for the benefit of the community.

 We want to encourage debate, discussion and the sharing of ideas and practical experience between co-operators and community activists.

The People's Forum encourages dialogue and critical exchange rather than you being passive receivers of news and views broadcast by others.

For more information about Community Empowerment Ltd (the charity) and The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium.

Visit our portal page at:

Co-operative Admin Solutions CIC

Co-operative Admin Solutions CIC operate - 'The People's Forum' on behalf of the Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium. Co-operative Admin Solutions CIC provide a number of low-cost and specialist solutions for Co-operatives, social enterprises and community organisations ranging from payroll to electronic marketing. We can provide you with your own interactive forum. 

Editing and updating your forum pages is easier and quicker than managing websites - and you have the advantage that forum pages can be interactive (two way communication), can be used for contact management, and you can broadcast messages to your members. For more information complete our enquiry form at or email:

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The Community Empowerment Group have worked with Formstack for several years to ensure consistent and reliable data collection and storage.

If you would benefit from a similar service then check out Formstack for a Free Trial.

Charities/non-profits also receive discounts on their chargeable services.

A Lifetime of support for Co-operative Values...

Would you like your support to continue in memory of you?

Details of bequests.

 Are you planning to start a new Co-operative?

Or convert/expand an existing enterprise into a Co-operative?

You may qualify for free support from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.

Community Empowerment Ltd and a number of other Co-operative Development Bodies deliver Advice & Training within this scheme.

Please use the link to the enquiry form (below).



Work Together - E magazine for Co-operatives.